i love cats that sit like this. thank you, cats that sit like this

Heh. Used to have a half-Siamese who used to sit like this to clean herself but raised her back legs up in the air. We called it her “touch-down” pose.

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how many times have i quoted this movie

not enough

It is such a huge part of the American geek lexicon. I feel sad whenever I have to explain a quoted line to a non-fan person.

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos


This is for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

eeeeeeee <333333333333 this is fantastic thank you for tagging me! 

This speaks to me. My largest tattoo is of a mermaid. And no, I can’t easily show it to you or post pics - but there’s probably pics of it up on the ‘net from one of the kilt-blowing events (think “jump & spin” in a kilt). *blushes*

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Starfire and Blackfire

Awesome Con D.C. 2014; unknown cosplayers; photo/edits: Jim H.


Okay, not even gonna lie. I had such a lady boner for Ronan the Accuser

The phrase “lady boner” always cracks me up. Great fucking movie!

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Otakon cosplayers wanted!

Okay - a call out to cosplayers!
I will be at #Otakon next Saturday and wanna take some dedicated pics. Trying to get myself to a better level with my pics and while I greatly enjoy my “gonzo” approach to photography, planning out mini photo-shoots seems the next logical step.

Please contact me thru email or messaging if you’re attending and want to help me out.


Dunno the anime but sad I missed seeing this in person. :-(

*waves hi to Sarah, KO, and Byndo*

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How I spent my Comicon


BLOG: How I spent my Comicon

I spent five days at Comicon this year, and discovered a new level of exhaustion and fatigue every day, surpassing the level I’d discovered the day before. By the time I was finally on the train back home, I had reached a point of burn out that I never though I’d experience: I pretty much don’t want to go to Comicon any more, because it’s stopped being fun for me.

Wednesday, we got on a…

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Possibly a sign of the (end of) times? I’m not famous and probably never will be (unless my photography takes off or Hollywood casts me as the snarky, middle-aged man for the “Snarky, Middle-Aged Man” movie) but I can empathize with over-crowded convention floors and lack of sleep taking their toll. This blog post is a good read as you get to see things from the guests’ point-of-view.

In my little world, cons are supposed to be fun and energizing as you get to meet, greet, and possibly woo people who are just as geeky & weird as you are and have fun with them.

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Awesome Con DC 2014; unknown cosplayer; photo/edits: greyloch

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Katsucon 2014; cosplayer: Lucid Cosplay; photo/edits: greyloch

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MTV made me into a gif! You should check out the link for other really awesome cosplay gifs!



MTV made me into a gif! You should check out the link for other really awesome cosplay gifs!

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Ray Harryhausen creatures

Wow - that’s an incredible photo set.

He was an incredible man.


Yes, he was. Met him in the lobby of a hotel. He was wearing his PJs (due to a fire alarm forcing an evacuation in the middle of the night). 

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Sometimes evolution makes beautiful animals that move with all the elegance of a finely-honed ballet. Other times… it makes ducks.

I think that’s a goose. Maybe it’s practicing for the lead in “Wounded Swan Lake”?

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